Lýđur Sigurđsson was born on may 27th 1952 at the farm Glerá on the outskirts of Akureyri. He finished secondary school in Akureyri in 1970 and graduated as a cabinet maker from the Akureyri school of Crafts in 1974. Sigurđsson started taking art classes in the 1970 and later studied at the Akureyri Art School. He moved to Reykjavík in 1982 and studied with Hringur Jóhannesson at the Reykjavík Art School for two years.

Private exhibitions:
Galleri Háhóll, Akureyri 1977
Akureyri School of Crafts 1982
Kjarvalsstađir , Reykjavík 1987
Gallerí Borg, Reykjavík 1991
Hotel Ođinsvé , Reykjavík 1994
Gallerí Fold , Reykjavík 1998

Group exhibitions:
Numerous exhibitions in Northern Iceland
Kjarvalsstađir , Reykjavík 1983